Activities of big companies are closely related to the use of information technology, whether there is a computer at the workplace of a manager or a corporate network set for a large company. As a general rule, the bigger organization is, and the more important functions it performs. Therefore, large corporations set high requirements for computer systems in order to ensure their proper functioning. The effectiveness of the company’s activities greatly depends on the quality of its computer and telecommunication equipment, pc auditing tools, and network asset tracker.

How to Assure Stable Network Functioning?

Apart from the stability of the corporate network, the question of reliability and efficiency also matters. Consequently, the task of network management becomes especially important. Since a typical network covers a lot of devices from different manufacturers, it creates some obstacles. So it is only possible to manage this network if there is a standard, manufacturer-independent control protocol. The most popular protocol in modern networks is SNMP due to its flexibility and extensibility. In case you want to use CNMP for your network and do not know how to do it, Softinventive Lab will help you. On the company website, you will find a wide range of services aimed at setting and maintaining a total network, such as software inventory tools, license inventory monitoring, and network asset tracker, among many others.


SNMP Protocol & Its Features

The SNMP is aimed at collecting and transmitting status information between different computers within one network. In other words, it allows you to audit pc and transmit status information of

  •         Computers running Windows NT;
  •         LAN Manager servers;
  •         Routers and gateways;
  •         Mini-computers or mainframes;
  •         Terminal servers;
  •         Concentrators

SNMP uses a distributed architecture that consists of different management systems and agents. Thus, using the SNMP service, the status of a computer running Windows NT can be reported to the SNMP management system on a network using the TCP / IP protocol.

In addition to the device management, pc audit, SNMP is usually used for monitoring all systems within a network. Being a “software auditing tool,” SNMP can receive information from any network devices, whether it’s a router, a switch, or a computer. The content of the received information can be very diverse. For example, such reports can indicate machine uptime, various CPU performance counters, network parameters of devices, etc.


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