Anyone who spent even a limited amount of time in the gym has seen people sipping from a beverage mug. Workout enthusiasts don’t just drink during exercise sessions because they cannot wait until the session is over to enjoy a drink. Many rely on their beverage to stay hydrated and/or maintain nutrients during the workout.

A bit of thought does need to go into beverage selections. The type of exercise a person performs factors into the right choice for pre-workout, post-workout, and drinks during the workout. Different exercises do play a role in the choice of a beverage. Certain beverages might be a bad choice regardless of the type of exercises as well.

Upping Carbs Before a Workout

Succeeding with a strength training workout focusing on lifting heavy weights through the performance of big compound exercises can be very tough with a low-calorie drink. The body relies on carbohydrates in order to effectively perform the heavy lifts. Some might choose to drink beverages loaded with stimulants, a decision equally loaded with a great many problems. Stimulants are not exactly known for being healthy.

Relying on drinks filled with sugar might be an easy way to get carbs into the system, but poor quality sugar usually leads to poor quality results.

Mixing up Greek yogurt with blueberries into a blender with ice and unsweetened almond milk probably would be the better choice than some low-grade canned fruit drink. A visit to reveals a fantastic way to keep the homemade beverage at the desired temperature during the workout.

Helping the Hydration Process

During a workout, many choose to drink water. Adding lemon juice to water remains a popular homemade healthy beverage choice. Interestingly, the American College of Sports Medicine suggests drinking sports drinks to help the hydration process. Since sweat causes the loss of sodium, potassium, and chloride, a nutritious sports drink serves as a means of replenishing the body with what was lost.

Again, the most beneficial sports drinks would be the healthy ones. Beware of drinks with misleading marketing tactics. Such drinks may be stimulant heavy or filled with refined sugars. Purchasing sports drinks from an established health and nutrition store might be a good way to ensure only the best products are purchased.

Nutrients and Carbs Help

The right workout beverage can lend a great assist to any workout session. The drinks do more than making a person feel a little less thirsty. The drinks may help fight off premature fatigue. The body needs fuel for workouts. The running theme here is an appropriate beverage choice helps deliver the right fuel.

More Than Pumping Iron

Lifting heavy weights or performing high-intensity cardio is only part of the overall formula for getting workout results. Embracing a good amount of rest allows the body to heal. Rest, sadly, becomes ignored far too often. The same is true of getting the right nutrition. Yet, the right food and drink choices play a major role in boosting workout performance and results.

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